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Foord Trucking Ltd

Foord Trucking Ltd has been serving Macoun and Midale area for over 30 years. We supply gravel, rock and other aggregates for all projects, big or small! We take pride in serving local and being a part of our community. Call today for your gravel needs!

Contact info: Kelly Foord, Owner

Phone Number: 306-421-1049

Triangle Electric Ltd

Contact: Frank Schaefer, Owner

Phone Number: 306-421-0341


Macoun Co-op

Macoun Co-op offers a wide variety of services such as a 24hr cardlock, basic groceries, Hardware supplies, Fuel, Oil and propane services, A local Post office and a wide range of Ag products 

Contact: Glen Mitchel, Manager

Phone Number: 306-634-9269

Fax: 306-634-8468



Massage and Treatment

Qualified for massage and treatments.

Contact: Annie Fehr

Phone Number: 306-317-2065


Peanuts Pumps

- Residential Septic Tank Pumping 

-Camper Black Tanks                          

-Mud Tanks                                             

Contact: Don Pineo, Owner   

Phone Number: 306-861-9116             

Future Four Argo

Independent Ag retailer of

- Fertilizer 

- Seed

- Herbicide

Contact: Jason Kuckinka, Manager-Agronomist

Phone Number: 306-421-0601

Willow Green (re) Designs

 I started Willowgreen (re)Designs in 2014 after my hobby of repurposing and recycling got out of control. I salvage pieces that others found as junk and turn it into something new and functional. All of my pieces are from salvaged material with a few exceptions such as hardware, greenery and the odd piece of lumber that I have to buy new in order to complete the project. Please check out my Facebook page or contact me for more details.

Contact: Amanda Smith, Owner

Phone Number: 306-421-5596



Gary's Cabinet Making and Contruction

Contact: Gary Bachorcik Owner

Phone Number: 306-421-7256

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