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Water, sewer, infrastructure and blue bin recycle fees are billed out every 2 months at a rate of $182.90. Fees break down as follows:

Water $33.10 per month;

Sewer $29.35 per month;

Infrastructure $20.00 per month;

Recycling $8.00 per month.

Village Council reviews property tax rates annually. The rates approved by Council for the 2023 tax year are as follows:

Mill rate is 6.5;

Base tax for improved land is $550.00;

Base tax for unimproved residential or commercial land is $750.00;

Base tax for unimproved Agriculture land is $450.00.

GFL Environmental is currently contracted to perform waste collection in the Village for both household garbage and recycle waste.

Each serviced parcel of land will receive 1 grey and 1 blue curb side bin. If additional bins are required, the Village will provide them at an additional cost to the property owner or renter.

The Macoun Transfer Station accepts yard waste such as tree branches, grass clippings and garden waste at no charge for dumping.


Cement is accepted at no charge.

Please contact the Village Office to arrange for a day and time to dispose of your waste.

The Village of Macoun tractors with operator are available for hire at the fallowing rates:

Kubota - $100.00 per hour for snow removal or grass cutting; 

Garden tractor - $50.00 per hour for grass cutting;

Weed whip - $30.00 per hour.

Please contact the Village office at 306-634-9352 if you wish to book any of these services.

The Village office accepts the

following payment methods:




   *Pre-Authorized Debit* (explained below) 

Village Owned Lot For Sale

The Village of Macoun has a Lot for sale at 193 Robinson Ave. The Lot is a residential corner Lot 82' x 100' with water and sewer connections and a septic tank already on the property. Please contact the Village office at 306-634-9352 for further details.  

Waste Collection Schedule 2023-24.JPG

Garbage and Recycle Schedule 2023

Gray Bin Collection:

Thursday Grey Bin Pick-up. All waste must be bagged or bundled when placed in the cart, do not exceed 200 pounds of waste. Only waste INSIDE the cart will be collected, NO oil or paint cans.

Have cart in place for pickup each collection day by 7 am.


Blue Bin Collection:

MONDAY Blue Bin Pick-up. Place all material loose in the bin, flattened cardboard, newspapers, flyers, inserts, magazines, paperback books, phone books, gift and packing paper, brown paper bags, tissue roll cores, paper egg cartons, shredded paper (bagged), Clean and rinsed aluminum cans, tin cans, 

milk cartons and jugs, juice cartons and boxes, plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic food wrap, 

household plastic containers with the recycling arrow and numbers 1-7 on the bottom, glass 

(no cups, dishes, ashtrays, window glass, mirrors, Pyrex, ceramics, light bulbs or crystal). 



Wax, food contaminated or plastic coated cardboard, cups or paper plates, soiled tissues, napkins, paper towels, styrofoam or other foam packing, household garbage or waste, medical waste, diapers, 

paint, chemicals or solvents, automotive parts, plastic toys or tupperware, outdoor lawn furniture

Only recycling INSIDE the cart will be collected. 

Have cart in place for pickup each collection day by 7 am. 



Payment Program

Why use Pre-Authorized Payments ?

The Pre-Authorized Payment Program allows ratepayers to make weekly, monthly, bi-weekly or semi-monthly payments for their property taxes and/or utility bills without paying additional fees.


How do Pre-Authorized Payments work?


After deciding which Pre-Authorized Payment frequency works best for you, we simply divide your normal annual property tax levy by the number of payment periods in the year. This amount then gets automatically withdrawn out of your bank account. Prior to your annual taxes being levied, your instalments will be based on the previous years tax levy.  We strive to ensure all rate payer's property taxes are paid by December 31st of each year to avoid penalty.

Property Tax Example:

January - July payments $217 / month 

(based on last years levy of $2,600)

Actual Tax Levy minus payments already made in the year: $2,650 - $1,519 = $1,131

New Pre-Authorized payment amount for August - December: $1,131 / 5 months = $227 / month



After deciding which Pre-Authorized Payment frequency works best for you, we simply divide your annual estimated utility bill by the number of payment periods in the year. This amount then gets automatically withdrawn out of your bank account.

Utility Bill Example:

Estimated annual utility billing $1,097.40

($182.90 x 6 billing periods = $1,097.40)

Pre-Authorized payment amount:

$21.10 / Weekly (52 payments)

$42.21 / Bi-weekly (26 payments)

$45.73 / Semi-monthly (24 payments)

$91.45 / Monthly (12 payments)


Pre-Authorized frequency options:

Monthly (12 payments/year)

Semi-Month (24 payments per year)

Bi-Week (26 payments per year)

Weekly (52 payments per year)


How do I Stop my Pre-Authorized Payments?

You may withdraw from the program by providing written notice of at least one week prior to your next payment date.


How Do I Apply?

Simply bring a VOID cheque or a Pre-Authorized payment form from your bank to the Village Office.


Pest Control in Village Limits

Do you have a pest problem on your property? Dealing with mice, gophers or other rodents eating vegetation and digging holes in your yard?


Be sure to address the matter in a safe way to protect yourself, your neighbours and animals that could potentially access the infected rodent. Provincial Specialists in Pesticide Regulations encourage pest control to be completed by a Provincially Accredited Pest Control Officer. This will ensure proper procedures and protocols are used during the treatment to avoid risk to persons or animals in your community.


If you choose not to use a Pest Control Officer, be sure to research the products your looking to use as some products, such as strychnine, are prohibited in Urban centres. Purchase products that are designed for pests such as plastic gopher / mole traps, mouse or rat traps or Rozol. Most importantly, be sure to follow the instructions or directions on the packaging of the product you purchase as they are a legal document which must be followed to ensure safety and avoid liability.  

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